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Working From Home-schooling

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Creative ways to ease the inevitable guilt of the day full of conference calls and zoom meetings with fun activities that range in active participation (just being honest).

Ocean Week- feed the shark activity

Most of us have been faced with the dreaded question "can I watch my I-Pad" over the last several months. If you're anything like me I often succumb to the constant inquiries but sometimes you want to say no and actually have a reason for it. So this fall/winter break consider saying no with a bit of fun laying in the wings with some creative, as I say pinnable (@pinterest is my friend) activities. Now I'll admit that some are better suited for those days where you are on a one call and done schedule while others are perfect to keep your little(s) busy while you zoom along.

Cool Idea: Set up a weekly theme for at-home activities. Make it a surprise so Monday is like Christmas Morning.

Ocean Themed

Learning Fun!

Create a week that either has a subject matter per day or completely wing it which takes some of the planning pressure off. Some ideas include Arts & Crafts, Stem, Cooking, and Outdoor Activities.

Create a fish with celery (who knew).

Let them channel their inner Picasso with a create your own ocean scene. All you really need is poster board, regular paper or if you want to get fancy grab a pack of painter's canvas that you can use all summer. Allow them to pick out their own paint colors if you have tons of paint lying around or run to dollar tree and pick up some paint.

We are all trying to raise upstanding humans so have them learn about water pollution with this interactive simulation of an oil spill.

The decorate a starfish activity falls into the while zooming category if you have tons of embellishments and older littles.

Who doesn't love color by number? Let them color by number for hours. Search for ocean themed color by number printable, there are tons out there.

Did you know a polar bear has 7 layers of fat under their fur and black skin? I know, neither did I!!! This experiment allows them to simulate what the water feels like to a polar bear.

Want a gold star?

Ocean themed cupcakes

Under the sea themed breakfast

Make the water fun with these ice cubes

All in all do what you can and the smiles that will come back will energize you as we all navigate this interesting time.

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