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DIY- Mommy & Me Peloton

So when I re-started what I consider to be an endless fitness journey, I was drawn to the Peloton bike for all the reasons you see on TV. Probably the most important reason was the convenience. At times having a little one means fitting in exercise where you can. I know we have to make time for ourselves but we all know that sometimes the time just doesn't exist. Shortly after purchasing my Peloton I realized that my little one probably liked the bike as much as I did so the mommy time quickly became mommy and me time. Luckily my sister purchased Vy a Fisher-Price Think and Learn bike a couple of years prior so it was only right that I give it a little Peloton makeover. Take a look at our mommy and me Peloton bikes! I think it came out pretty cute.

Here's how I did it!

PREP- prepare your space with drop cloth. Grab a mask and make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

Supplies: plastic drop cloth, Krylon Fusion All-In-One Matte Black Spray Paint, Frog Tape

Step 1- clean the bike so that the spray paint adheres properly. If the bike needs a really good cleaning try soap and water and then wipe down again with plain water. The residue from the soap can work against you!

Step 2 - once dry it's time to cover the areas you don't want sprayed. You can be as detailed as you want on this step. I decided to keep most of the red accents to compliment my bike. I used Frog Tape and a plastic drop cloth that I cut to cover smaller areas. Use the tape to get around small areas where you prefer more of a detailed paint. Be careful to avoid spraying mechanisms like the bluetooth responder, on/off button and activity buttons on the handles.

Step 3 - now the fun begins! Make sure this is what you want to do because there's no turning back once you complete this step. It's spray painting time. Use even strokes and make sure to double check the sneaky areas that you may miss. I usually use a flashlight of the flashlight from my phone to make sure I've covered the desired areas. I used about 2 coats on this project.

Step 4 - let dry. Double check for coverage then remove the tape.

Step 5- If you have a cricut you can design your own vinyl labels or you can order them from Etsy. If you're a Peloton owner and prefer it you can use the stickers Peloton sends with purchases (those usually have a white background).

All done!

This project took me about a day and a half. I like to allow the spray paint to set overnight. If you have any questions send me a quick message. Don't forget to subscribe.

Thanks for vibing with me.

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