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Custom Boo-tiful Costumes

It has been a pretty cool 5 years of dressing my baby girl up for Halloween. Luckily she enjoyed being my muse and I almost convinced her to allow a 6th costume (yes I said allow) but she preferred to dress up in her old Vamparina costume, I guess you can say at least she's recycling.

I've dropped a couple of links below from my favorite resource, Pinterest, incase you are inspired to make a last-minute DIY costume. Happy Costuming!

The Gumball Baby- probably the easiest costume with the cutest result

Try this tutorial for a little inspiration and sprinkle on your own flare.

Ice Cream Sundae

This link helped spark my creativity.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Check out this tutorial from Michael's and let your imagination do the rest!

Vyolet- for those new to my life Vyolet is spelled that way as an homage to my daughter's name, Vy. This was one of my favorite costumes because it was completely born out of my brain. From the pipe cleaners as roots to the string crystals hanging from the watering can. Check out this Martha Stewart version, she must have peaked at my Instagram.

Seasons of Love/The 4 Seasons

This is the one costume that evolved over time more than any other. Here was my inspiration. This costume was such a labor of lover.

Happy Halloween!

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