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Hello Fall! 

Fall is probably my favorite season!  I think I'd rank them Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer.  Yes, I'm a summer baby but I also despise sweating so 3-4 showers a day is kind of not sustainable. You didn't come here to talk about my personal hygiene though you came for my Ready for Fall Guide.  

Creating guides is probably one of the best parts of being a creative for me.  I try to share items that I own and love sprinkled with a couple of my personal wish list.  This time around I added in a few things that you should add to your To-Do List if you haven't gotten around to them by now! 


You'll see a couple of repeat favs from previous guides because these items are JUST THAT GREAT!  As always, the full guide has links provided. Happy Shopping and Happy Fall!

Here are my picks for some outdoor living!  There's one wish list item on there, any guess which one? Ha!

OONI Fyra 12

This is the newer model to the OONI Pro we have.  I swear this thing is magic and a perfect for backyard gatherings during the fall!

Projector and Screen for outdoor/indoor

We used both of these for Vy's birthday party a couple of years ago and they do not disappoint.  Great value!

String Lights

Fall nights aren't complete without perfect lighting.  These are extremely durable (ask me how I know).

Gas Fire Pit

My hubby and I went back and forth on this purchase.  He wanted a true wood fire pit but I wanted to skip some of the hassle.  Let's just say I won! 

Big Green Egg

If you follow my Instagram or have looked at previous guides you know our love for the Big Green Egg runs deep.  We own 2 and would love to find room for a 3rd but the one we want is pretty massive.  Start out with a medium or even a mini max if you are on the fence.

The Terrace

Ding Ding Ding!  This is the wish list item.  This TV is engineered to perform in changing climates and withstands the weather.  Granted you can't just watch it in a thunderstorm but you get the point!

Let's talk all things Home!  Here are a few essentials to get you ready for the season and really pull you right into winter.

Liliane's Glow Candles

I actually am honored to know the owner of this awesome black business.  The name Liliane's Glow is a tribute to the founder's mother.  These are hand poured with love!

LeCreuset French Press

For some reason I find a little extra time in my mornings during the fall.  And a French Press gives the morning a little more drama or flare.​

Pie Box

You kind of don​'t know you need a pie box until you get a pie box and if you don't want to go with the box try a glass pie holder.  Life changer for freshness and great for transporting.

Glass Mugs

I told you I like drama and flare with my coffee.  Perfect for cider too!  Close your eyes and imagine you are sipping cider outside under your string lights next to your fire pit after having the most amazing pizzas earlier in the evening (see what I did there).

LeCreuset Dutch Oven

Yes, I have a thing for LeCreuset.  You will too once you make your first soup, stew or chili in one of their pots.  Thanks me later!

Wax Melter

Next time you are at the outlets just go ahead and grab one!  

The North Face

I've never met something from North Face that I didn't love.  

Ugg Slippers

The hubby owns 2 pairs!  He has worn them down over the years and they are still going strong.  These are so warm and comfy.  The hard sole makes them perfect for patio life too hint hint!​


Hunter Rainboots

This is another fav of my spouse. ​

Wrap Jacket

I can't take full credit for this find even though I've had my eye on this jacket for a while.  The backstory is that this jacket came up on my Amazon several times but I worried that it would come looking like a completely different item of clothing.  Let's admit it that happens sometimes with online purchases.  Well I was watching the Today Show last week and there it was!  Guess I can trust it now!

Longchamp Tote Bag

The large Le Pliage should bag is actually my favorite travel bag and is a Fall staple.

Burberry Scarf

Cashmere.  That's the pitch, cashmere.

On this Guide I threw in a few things to add to your to-do list for Fall.  If you've knocked these off of your list already kudos!!!  If not, you still have time.  I don't know about you but it's still 80 degrees here!

  • Change those filters.  Car, House, Fridge All the Things!!!  Each season brings new allergens.


  • While changing over your clothes or sorting through your closet take the time to let go of items you didn't use the previous season.  This year is a little different if you didn't do much because of the pandemic but still take the time to look at items that don't excite you or that don't/won't fit.

  • Check those dates! Expired items just take up space.  Toss them!

  • Check in on your skin routine.  Does your skin dry out in the Fall/Winter.  Give it some hydration.

  • This is the perfect time to Aerate and Seed your lawn.  Aim for a week where you know there will be rain.

  • Reverse your fan when you are read for the heat to come down rather than be drawn up like during the summer months.

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