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A Simple Old-Fashioned

Did you know that anything can be made old-fashioned? I know, right? So old-fashioned is the style by which this particular cocktail is made but for the most part we all know a classic old-fashioned to be a bourbon base.

Here's my recipe for my favorite simple old-fashioned. If you like it let me know!

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2 ounces of the bourbon of your choice

(some of my favorites: Angel's Envy, Woodford Reserve, Basil Hayden)

1-3 splashes of Simple Syrup

(if you like a sweeter drink you'll want to be closer to the 3 splashes/squeezes. Here's the simple syrup I use hence the squeeze comment)

2-3 dashes of your favorite bitters (I used chocolate bitters for this one, check out a couple of yummy options here.


Add your fancy ice to a double walled or whatever glass you have chosen, I mix right in the glass since I use my fancy ice. Add your simple syrup, then dashes of bitters. Then add your bourbon. Stir with your spiral handle mixer. The final step is to use your peeler to peel off a piece the skin of an orange (the fresher the orange the better in my opinion) You'll pinch the orange rind over the drink. It won't seem like much is happening but the effervescence of the rind will float on the top of your drink (trust me). I then coat the rim of the glass with the rind then throw it on in.

In another post I'll do a smoked old fashioned, Yum!

Enjoy your Bourbon Old Fashioned

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