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Simplicity- Flowers

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Delight in Simplicity. Sometimes it's the smallest things that can bring us joy, enhance our day or space. Here's to the simple things.

Once a week I buy fresh flowers for my our home. To some it may seem silly but I would challenge even the biggest skeptic to try it. Nothing super lavish, literally on your weekly grocery run as soon as you walk in the door (I haven't met a grocery store that doesn't have fresh flowers at the door). Grab whatever color or type makes you smile and add it to your cart. It's really that simple.

How you style them is based on your personal preference but I like to trim a good amount of the foliage off, then cut evenly or unevenly (again whatever makes you happy. Pop them in a vase and you're done. Simplicity.

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