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The travel chronicles.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

It doesn't matter if it's a family adventure, girls trip or honey hideaway escape. There are ways to navigate each to make sure that you have a memorable adventure.

The Girls Trip

Be flexible. efficient. open. fun. forgiving

There's nothing worse than an uptight, bathroom hogging, complaining, sour-faced, grudge holding traveler. Add to that a couple of hormones and you have a soup of disaster. When going on the ultimate girls trip you really have to be prepared to check your baggage at the door (well not your luggage) and commit to enjoying yourself at all costs. We have a choice, choose to be a cliff jumping, quick showering, patient, positive person.

Family Getaway

Be prepared. purposeful. patient

Admit it, we plan family getaways with a level of detail that could land us a job with the CIA. So when you put that level of effort in you want a return on your investment of blood sweat and tears. That return on investment for many of us is the smile on the faces of your family. If we can see they are happy we are happy, right? Not really. We are only as happy as we allow ourselves to feel. We get so caught in the details that we forget to enjoy this extravaganza ourselves.

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